About Us


Empire Drugs

Empire Drugs is a locally owned, independent community pharmacy that has been servicing the Winnipeg area for close to 100 years. Established in 1927, and originally called the Empire Drug Company, the pharmacy has changed ownership only a few times over the past almost 100 years. It is definitely a part of Winnipeg history.

Located in the heart of Winnipeg at the corner of Selkirk and Arlington, Empire Drugs is committed to offering excellent and reliable pharmacy services to meet your pharmacy needs. Empire Drugs proudly serves not only Winnipeg’s North End and Point Douglas area, but the entire Greater Winnipeg area as well.


Proudly Serving Winnipeg

The times have changed a lot since 1927, and Empire Drugs has kept up with them. Almost 100 years later, Empire Drugs is still proudly serving the Winnipeg area and we plan to continue serving Winnipeg for many decades more to come! Owners Kris Allen and Ryan Chan will never forget Empire Drug Company's origins in 1927 and are proud to be such a longstanding part of Winnipeg's history.


Our Journey Started

Empire Drug Company began as a corner store/drugstore originally located on the corner of Selkirk and MacGregor. The earliest evidence we have found of the Empire Drug Company at this location dates back to a Winnipeg Evening Tribune newspaper advertisement from Thursday, June 9, 1927, for ''Palmolive Shaving Cream for 35 cents a Tube'' & ''Palmolive After Shaving Talc for 25 cents a Tin''